Thank You Teacher gift

Thank You Teacher gift: A Divine Chocolate Tasting Set, a Thank You teacher card and a donation to Trading Visions.

We recently launched our Thank You Teacher gift in partnership with Divine Chocolate. The gift is both unique and ethical - something that I'm sure many teachers (including myself) would love! It consists of Divine Chocolate’s best-selling Tasting Set, a Thank You teacher card, which includes information about our Pa Pa Paa resources, and a £1 donation to Trading Visions.

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How we will spend the donations

All the donations from the gifts will be used to help support Ayaasu Kuapa Primary School in Ghana.

Photo of Mr Asare inside the card The school was set up by Effah Asare in 2014. After working for the Ghanaian Embassy in Cote d’Ivoire, he returned to his home village to become a cocoa farmer, eventually becoming Secretary of the Kuapa Kokoo village society in Ayaasu. However, he became concerned about the lack of a school in his village and so he set up Ayaasu Kuapa Primary School in an old church. Since then he has devoted himself to teaching the children of the village. There are around 70 students attending his school which he runs by himself. He is not supported by the government so works as a volunteer.

Mr Asare says, “I have the passion for teaching and I did not like to see the children walking around without going to school.”

The £1 donation to Trading Visions included in the gift will help fund Mr Asare’s salary and provide education materials for the school. 

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