Why not one of the other ethical certification marks?

Mars spokesperson:

We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Rainforest Alliance. We believe that cocoa sustainability is the important thing, and third-party certification from Rainforest Alliance is a key milestone in our journey towards a long term global commitment to purchasing sustainable, certified cocoa.
Rainforest Alliance and Mars have been sharing ideas and expertise since The First International Workshop on Sustainable Cocoa Farming in 1998.  In 2007, Mars Drinks achieved Rainforest Alliance certification for three Flavia coffee offerings; and in that same year, we began the Mars Partnership for African Cocoa Communities of Tomorrow (iMPACT), through which Mars has been training cocoa farmers alongside the Rainforest Alliance.
In addition to Rainforest Alliance, we also work closely with other certification bodies. Mars is a founding member of the UTZ Certified Good Inside programme for cocoa and we will continue to work with UTZ and its partners to achieve the certification of cocoa produced using sustainable practices by small farmers in West Africa. 
Cadbury spokesperson:

We have been in discussions with Fairtrade for over two years and support the Fairtrade model of sustainable development through empowering small scale farmers and their communities. This enables the farmers to improve both the quality of their cocoa and life in their communities through investment.

Cadbury’s investment in Fairtrade will make a massive difference for existing farmers and future generations, though:

  • Sourcing cocoa through certified farmers
  • Paying producers the agreed Fairtrade minimum price, or market price if higher
  • Paying a Fairtrade premium which farmers decide themselves how to invest in order to improve their own farms or communities and plan for the future.

Our consumers recognise that Fairtrade certification means their CDM bar has been sustainably sourced, and farmers in developing countries are benefiting from Cadbury’s commitment.

Why not 100% certification for all Cadbury and Mars products?

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