Why not 100% certification for all Cadbury and Mars products?

Mars spokesperson:

It would not be possible for the Rainforest Alliance to supply us with all of the cocoa that we need each year.
However, our chocolate is always sourced responsibly.  Mars will work to ensure that Galaxy is the next step in Mars global commitment to purchasing only cocoa that is independently certified as being produced in a sustainable manner.   We will continue to make announcements as new agreements are reached and certified cocoa is used in other products.
Our goal is to work with multiple certifying partners so as to maximise farmer’s opportunities to supply Mars with high quality cocoa.  
Cadbury spokesperson:

It has taken more than two years of discussions with the Fairtrade Foundation to get to the point of being able to certify Cadbury Dairy Milk. By starting with our biggest brand in its home market we hope to underline our commitment to taking this further, but we need to take this one step at a time. 300 million bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk will carry the logo – taking Fairtrade into every shop across the UK and Ireland.

We have also committed to certification of our cocoa beverages, and are already exploring extending our commitment to other countries.

Those discussions will continue to take place but, at this stage, the certification applies to our best selling, Cadbury Dairy Milk line, and our hot beverage range.

What volumes of cocoa are involved?

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