What We Do

Trading Visions aims to stimulate debate and action on Fairtrade and related issues, such as power and ownership in global supply chains. We want to catalyse conversations and amplify the voices of small scale cocoa farmers and other producers from the South in those conversations.

Trading Visions has a track record in using innovative new technologies to bring producers and consumers face to face in fun and accessible educational experiences.

This website is one space for exchange; our Pa Pa Paa LIVE! webcast service is an innovative experiment in using internet communication to create a large scale conversation between young people in the UK and Ghana; and we hold occasional debates and discussions.


Trading Visions can come to your school to deliver an interactive workshop telling the bean to bar story of how Fairtrade cocoa gets turned into chocolate, and what your students can do to make the world a better place.

Just to say a big thank you for today too, the feedback from the teaching staff has been incredibly positive and just the reaction of the students asking so many questions is a great testimonial to how interested they were.

- Gumley House School, Hounslow

We tailor our workshops to primary or secondary school students. Workshops are usually one hour long. Cost is £100, plus travel costs.

Get in touch to find out more.

Pa Pa Paa

Trading Visions and Comic Relief manage ‘Pa Pa Paa’, a set of educational resources for UK schools. 'Pa Pa Paa' is the motto of the Kuapa Kokoo Fairtrade cocoa cooperative. It means 'best of the best' in the Ghanaian language of Twi.

The aim of Pa Pa Paa is to increase young people’s understanding of Fairtrade and the actions they can take as consumers and global citizens to make the world a better place.

Pa Pa Paa consists of:

  • Pa Pa Paa photo pack and DVD, explaining the bean to bar story of cocoa and Fairtrade chocolate;
  • Pa Pa Paa website, with a wealth of free information, resources and free lesson plans for teaching about Fairtrade and chocolate;
  • Pa Pa Paa LIVE! website, with webcasts from the children of cocoa farmers in a school in Ghana.



Who Owns Fairtrade?
Trading Visions / LSE panel discussion – 24 February 2009

Who Owns Fairtrade?
Canterbury Fairtrade Network/ Trading Visions panel discussion – 5th March 2009

What’s the Point of Fairtrade?
Trading Visions / JustShare panel discussion – 25th February 2008

Is Fairtrade Really Fair?
Pauline Tiffen writes in response to Philip Sigley speech at Justshare event – July 2006

Kuapa Kids Community Project

The foundation of much of our UK work is a long standing programme of educational capacity building in Ghana, carried out in partnership with Kuapa Kokoo, the Ghanaian cocoa farmers co-operative who co-own Divine Chocolate.

More about the Kuapa Kids Community Project