Put People First

Next week, Gordon Brown is hosting a high profile G20 summit. The ambitious objective of the twenty-two world leaders gathering in London is to tackle the global economic crisis. Expectations are high, but few people have faith that politicians will deliver unless they are pushed to take radical progressive action.

That is why Trading Visions is part of a broad coalition of green groups, development NGOs, churches, ethical companies and trade unions called Put People First. We are calling for fundamental change to create a better global economic system that works for people and the planet.

The current financial crisis marks the intensification of an already existing global crisis of poverty and inequality, with the looming threat of catastrophic climate change within our lifetimes.

Put People First is demanding that the financial sector, and the international financial institutions that oversee it, are brought under democratic control and made publicly accountable. The coalition is calling for the creation of decent, green jobs and for rapid action to stave off global warming. Most importantly, we want an end to the global trade, debt and investment regime that continues to extract wealth from the developing world a hundred years after the colonial era.

This Saturday 28th March, thousands of people will gather in London for a march and rally to challenge the G20 leaders to Put People First. Trading Visions with be there along with other fair trade organisations, and over 150 other coalition members.

Join us. Or if you can’t come on the day…

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