Can good business be good business?

To mark Social Enterprise Day this Thursday we've asked Sophi Tranchell, Divine Chocolate's MD, to set a challenge for young people who are thinking about careers in business. Sophi asks 'can good business be good business?' in an interview on YouTube.

This short interview is designed to be a thought provoking opener for classroom debates about business, and how young people see their place in society in the future. The opener can then be supported by our Powerpoint presentations for key stages 3 and 4 that use Divine Chocolate as their case study, and by a great 15-minute film about Divine Chocolate made by Teachers TV for GCSE students.

Sophi Tranchell, who is on the board of Social Enterprise London, and a Social Enterprise Ambassador, believes it is vital to engage and excite young people in the variety of options open to them if they are interested in business:

"Many young people will enjoy the cut and thrust of The Apprentice and Dragons Den - the programmes that have made 'getting ahead in business' into good TV. But do they really want to be people like that - or work with those people? They need to know that not all business is that unpleasant or brutish, and importantly not all the satisfaction in business comes from profit maximisation. Business can be so much more rewarding - and there is a vital need for different business models to come to the fore which deliver more, for more people - not just profits for a very few."

Powerpoint presentations and Teachers TV film using Divine Chocolate as a case study

Divine Chocolate and Trading Visions press release for Social Enterprise Day